INKIND WORKSHOP is an image studio, aiming to image experiments and service for projects or brands in a professional and independent attitude.

INKIND means a fundamental form of substances. All material particles, including substance made of relatively static statue particles, cannot exist without field and horizon. Believing in the connection of image and the world, INKIND WORKSHOP insists that photo albums recording real world are the genuine substances per se. Diffuse blips of objects, by substance. Deliver to the right people, in kind.

实物_INKIND WORKSHOP是一间影像工作室,旨在以专业及独立的姿态持续进行影像实验并为项目及品牌提供相关影像服务。

实物[ shí wù ]是物质存在的一种基本形式,指具有相对静止状态质量的粒子所组成的物质,任何实物粒子都不能脱离有关的场而独立存在。实物_INKIND WORKSHOP信仰影像与世界的联系,认为被摄取自真实世界的影像集合是最真切的“实物”本身。以实物,传播物体的影像。将实物,交付给需要影像的人。